Future Tour of New York

Future Tour of New York

In December, four23 were commissioned to curate a 15 guest trip to New York, exploring the theme of future technology and innovation in the City. 

Highlights from the trip included a 5-course menu at the Highlands Dinner Club, a social and culinary laboratory hosted at a secret venue in Harlem. An NYC themed culinary journey was crafted by chef and architect Benjamin Walmer, and featuring live performance art with each course. Watch Benjamin’s TED talk on how food connects us here.

Our team facilitated a workshop session at the East Village workspace of to.be, in partnership with Tomorrow Lab. Both companies are pioneers in new technologies and materials, taking an innovative approach to traditional craft.

The session explored how technological innovation has redefined what craft means in the 21st century. To.be explained how their software platform opens up possibilities for modern creatives to connect and collaborate, and Tomorrow Lab guided guests through the hardware components that make wearable tech and connected product design possible.

A private film screening of Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli at the Wythe Hotel cinema in Williamsburg introduced guests to the work of one of New York’s most iconic design studios.

Finally, we collaborated with a selection of NY-based Photographers to take guests on a tour to explore the more unusual workspaces in each of the boroughs of NYC.

four23 would like to thank all of our partners on the trip, especially our New York natives and guides, Ryan Parrilla, Christina Paik and Jose Ocasio.